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5 Mistakes Your Winery Should Avoid on Social Media

We’ve gathered some of the common mistakes we see wineries make on social media. Take a moment to review and discover how you can avoid these. Mistake #1: Posting the same content to all networks at the same time Each network serves a different purpose and posting the exact same message on...


Reflection to Set Your 2018 Winery Marketing Intentions

The new year is here and for many that triggers a look back and reflection on 2017. It's the perfect time to review the past year's winery marketing performance and to ask yourself questions about what worked and what didn't work before you dive into planning for 2018. Below are a suggested...


Five Ways Marketing Training Can Improve Your Life

As a marketer, my continued learning has been one of my most valuable assets. While I have a Masters in Marketing, when I went out into the world to apply my knowledge in 2006, I realized that I hadn’t been taught how to approach the day-to-day challenges of a marketing world that was...


Who is Think Wine?

Growth for wine sales lies in the DtC, wine club, and tasting room channels. While wholesale is still important, the opportunity for sales growth through this channel is flat. It’s becoming clear that wineries who invest in their internal marketing and sales organizations will win big when...