Digital advertising is a channel that is increasingly being used by many businesses. While most advertising dollars are still in print and television, more and more money is being spent in online advertising to build brand awareness and increase sales. While a lot of the advertising spending is done by the big brands with big budgets, there exists an opportunity for small businesses, like wineries to invest a little in social media advertising. And, more and more wineries seem to be taking advantage of this channel.

Big Budget Not Needed: Small Wineries Can Invest in Social Media Advertising

Overall, the advertising spend is up in the wine industry by 13%, according to a Nielsen report. And, digital advertising, where social media advertising lives, is one of the top three areas where wine sellers are advertising.

Social Media Advertising For Wineries

The breakdown of digital spend for wine is 36% display advertising and 64% video ads.

Statistics on Advertising Your Winery

It's clear that advertising is a channel that wineries are investing in and should consider as a possible channel to support their marketing and business growth efforts. If you want to learn more about advertising, specifically social media advertising, check out the Designing Your Social Media Strategy course, where we spend a whole section of the course discussing the pros and cons of advertising and the why and how of advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.