As we sat down to develop the "Designing Your Social Media Strategy" course, there were common questions that kept coming up—questions like:

  • Why should I be on Facebook?
  • Who actually uses Twitter?
  • Are you supposed to use hashtags on Pinterest?

In the process, we thought—"It would be so great, if there were just a winery social media cheat sheet for all of these questions that we could give to students." So! We created one as a resource for our students.

After we launched the course, we realized that it would be nice to share the cheat sheet with other marketers, outside the course, who need a quick reference guide for some of the basics on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

If you find yourself looking for guidance on what kind of media are allowed on each social network, what the content limits are, or how the audiences differ across each platform, download the guide!

And, if you want to design an agency-level, social media strategy, sign up for "Designing Your Social Media Strategy" This course takes you through ten sections and walks you step-by-step through creating your own social media strategy for your winery.