Social media management isn’t about platforms. It's about connection.

Think about social media as an event or party. What you’re managing, when you're managing social media, is relationships and opportunities to interact with your community and represent your brand in public online spaces.

With the advancing use of social media and its ubiquitous presence, an entirely new opportunity has opened up to businesses to connect with existing and potential customers.

Think about it! Instead of waiting for customers to come to your tasting room and events or planning and reserving your day for the next wine dinner, all you have to do is fire up your computer or your phone and you can connect with thousands of wine lovers.

The purpose of social media is to create more opportunities for connection and scale your human capacity to reach more customers.

It’s pretty awesome.

The crux of great social media and much of your marketing is creating a clear, compelling, and consistent brand. We’ll dig into how to do that and guide students through creating a Social Media strategy in our Design Your Social Media Strategy course.